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Eastman Halo 157 55USG Drum *MIL-PRF-32538 *AIR STANDARD ACS-4035

Eastman Halo 157 55USG Drum *MIL-PRF-32538 *AIR STANDARD ACS-4035
Eastman™ HALO 157 is a clear amber colored fluid with a faintly aromatic odor reminiscent of turbine engine oils. It is based on selected polyol esters, the inherent characteristics of which are enhanced by additives.  Read more
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Product Information


An advanced helicopter transmission oil with excellent load-carrying and antiwear performance, it is purpose designed to offer maximum protection to helicopter transmission systems under extreme operating conditions.

Eastman Halo 157™ is fully compatible and miscible with other oils approved to specifications MIL-PRF-23699 and MIL-PRF-7808.


  • Gearbox
  • Helicopter
  • Transmission

Key Attributes

  • A purpose-designed lubricant with a viscosity of 9 cSt @ 100°C and 12,700 cSt @ -32°C
  • Excellent load-carrying and antiwear performance
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good elastomer compatibility
  • Greater inter-gear film thickness
  • High-temperature stability