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PPG Aerospace

PPG Industries is a global supplier of coatings, sealants and specialty materials delivering new technologies and solutions to airframe manufacturers, airlines and maintenance providers for the commercial, military and general aviation industries globally.

PPG Aerospace Authorized Distributor

Through a series of strategic acquisitions, PPG has assembled a team of industry leaders that builds on its own long history as a transparencies aviation leader, with PRC-DeSoto International for sealants, coatings, and packaging and application systems; Sierracin/Sylmar Corp. for advanced composite transparencies; and Eldorado Chemicals for paint removal and cleaning. PPG supply to the commercial, regional, military and general aviation.

Our product range includes:

Semco – Packaging

PPG Semkit Mixing

The mixing of a Semkit®️ by other means, such as with a drill adapter, may compromise the performance properties of the sealant and void the warranty.

When mixing a PPG Aerospace sealant Semkit®️, always follow the directions as dictated on the product packaging. The recommended mixing instructions are tested and validated to ensure that the sealant performs as intended and meets all specification requirements.

Instructions are provided for hand mixing (including Semco Model 285 mixer), or for automatic mixing with a Semco Model 388, Model 1088 or Model 1188 machine mixer.

Machine mixing and hand mixing are the only industry recognized methods for mixing sectionalized containers (Semkit®️) as referenced in SAE AIR4069 and Boeing BAC5000. 
Mixing outside of these controlled and validated procedures has the potential to alter the sealant performance or even damage the sealant itself.

Testing shows that mixing with a drill adapter has several definitive detrimental effects on the sealant: Uncontrolled mixing speed will excessively heat the sealant and greatly reduce the working time of the sealant, and will decrease the extrusion rate below specification-required values. The high torque and shear induced with a drill may also damage certain raw material ingredients in the uncured wet sealant, irreversibly degrading the anti-sag properties of the wet sealant, or the density of the cured sealant.

Low density sealants are especially affected by drill mixing. Any of these negative effects may cause the sealant to perform outside of specification requirements,

and will therefore void the certification and/or warranty. Mixing with a drill adapter also presents significant safety concerns, as there have been documented cases of user injury when mixing a Semkit ®️ with a drill.

Featured Ranges

PPG Sealants

Our comprehensive range of sealants for aircraft structures includes products for fuel tanks, protecting aircraft mating surfaces and sealing aircraft windshields. The PPG sealant range is now enhanced with Sealants Europe SAS, formed from acquiring a majority interest in the aerospace and automotive sealants and adhesives business of Le Joint Français (LJF). 
PPG Coatings

PPG Aerospace is the global leader in the development and supply of aerospace coatings. These coatings provide superior application characteristics, UV resistance and colour stability. The innovative Selectively Strippable System combines long-term performance with efficient topcoat removal for repainting.

PPG Striving For A Sustainable Future