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SEMCO Semkit System

Possibly the most popular dispensing method is the Semkit® system. The Semkit® package is a complete, multi-component plastic cartridge assembly which stores, mixes, and applies multiple component adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, and other materials. It has been market tested for over 45 years and still represents the best blend of performance and safety available in the market today. All PPG product supplied in small cartridge sizes are packed in a Semkit, meaning the accessory products mentioned later on in this guide are applicable to both filled and non-filled cartridges.

Semkit® packages are ideal for epoxies, polysulfides, polyurethanes, and silicones used in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, construction, marine, and telecommunications industries. The kit assures material performance, optimum quality, and increased productivity on the production line and in the field.

Diagram showing barrier style & injector style

The Semkit® package assures accurate proportioning of the materials since the pre-measured components are stored in separate compartments within the cartridge. It eliminates the labuor-intensive tasks of measuring and handling materials while minimizing skin contact and material fumes. All the material contained inside the two-component Semkit® package is mixed within the cartridge and can be extruded with virtually nothing remaining. This configuration provides added value by eliminating material exposure and contamination, dramatically reducing waste, and ensuring the correct ratio of each material is used in every application.

There are two styles of Semkit® packages: injection and barrier. Injection kits are typically used with mix ratios of 10:1 or higher. In this kit, the base material is contained in the cartridge, while the catalyst is stored inside the injection rod. The most popular styles are informally referred to as 654 (6oz Injection Style Cartridge with rod) and 655 (2.5oz Injection Style Cartridge with rod). Barrier style kits are typically used with mix ratios of 1:1 to 10:1. Both materials are contained in the cartridge and are separated by a foil barrier. 

Operators can mix the kit manually, semi-automatically, or automatically, with a range of options discussed further in our Knowledge Centre. It can then be fitted with a special nozzle and placed in a Semco® pneumatic or manual dispensing gun. After application, the nozzle and kit are disposable, reducing labour and production costs.

How It Works

Hand wearing a glove holding a PPG product

Adapters and Repair Kits

There are a number of different accessories and parts sold separately to fix general wear and tear and adapt dispensing systems to suit all applications.