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Upcoming Araldite 252/255 Product Transition

Earlier this year, Huntsman advised of their intention to stop manufacturing both ARALDITE 252 and 255 because there was a substance in the product that is becoming severely restricted.

We are now pleased to share with you that, in collaboration with Airbus, Huntsman have formulated the ARALDITE 252-1 as an alternative to ARALDITE 252, which is expected to meet the requirements for both ASNA 4072 / AIMS 10-03-005 specifications. The qualification process is close to finalisation.

The commercial launch is planned for Q4 2017, and we are currently liaising with our supply chain as to the current stock status of both old and new versions.

Unfortunately Huntsman cannot offer a direct alternative to ARALDITE 255, but they will continue to supply it as long as the raw materials are available; the last production is expected to become obsolete by Q2 2018. The alternative offer for ARALDITE 255 is ARALDITE 252-1.

Samples are available on request and we would like to emphasize that these will be exclusively for validation or functional test purposes. Aerospace components should not be manufactured or sold prior to the finalization of the Airbus qualification.

You will soon be able to find Araldite 252-1 on our product catalouge under product code P0170397.

Technical data sheets are available upon request. If you have any further questions, please contact us at