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Biobor JF Aviation Fuel Additive

Following recent changes in the availability of aviation approved fuel biocide, we are happy to announce that we have temporary access to Biobor JF Aviation Fuel Additive in a variety of sizes.

Biobor JF is a liquid fuel additive that combats fungus and other microtive life in hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel and jet fuels. It is used by airlines, general aviation operators and militaries around the globe and is accepted for use by the FAA, IATA and various engine manufacturers worldwide.

While the temporary access we have restricts sales and use to UK based aviation operations, other European Union Member States may have similar exemptions that we can look into based on customer demand.

Please note, that the derogation provided by the Health and Safety Executive expires on 29th October 2022, and so the availability of this product, and the use by our customers, is restricted to this time scale.

For any enquiries or for further information, please contact your account manager or contact our team directly on +44 (0)1675 432850 /