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Henkel covers a full range of surface technologies, including lubricants, cleaners, metal pre-treatment and coatings. Coating processes lead to outstanding performance thanks to innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions.  Your manufacturing operations benefit from the simplified coating processes and improved corrosion resistance features.  This leads to higher value, while meeting the stringent environmental requirements of today and tomorrow.  Using these treatments, your parts can get functional properties such as anti-corrosion, anti-friction or improved heat resistance.

Henkel have partnered with Silmid to allow their customers to experience a service that is second to none. Silmid are able to provide real time stock level availability, if a product is not available we are committed to giving accurate lead times.

Customers will be able to do a full search of the catalogue to find their chosen product and the check out process can be completed in 3 simple steps.

Product Portfolio

Industrial and Maintenance Cleaners

Industrial and Maintenance Cleaners Cleaners simplify your daily business and improve efficiency and your environmental footprint at the same time. Thanks to a complete range of alkaline, neutral and acid cleaners, you will get the perfect solution for your cleaning demands.

Metal Pre-treatment

Metal pre-treatment technologies set the highest standard for corrosion protection and paint adhesion. With these high performance, sustainable products Henkel are committed to improve your process reliability. Henkel offers multiple options in conversion coatings for metal pre-treatment processes in dip or spray applications. Henkel's new generation coatings (NGC) offer green alternatives to conventional phosphating processes based on nanoceramics for multi-substrate applications, while being phosphate and heavy metal free.

Metal Pre-treatment

BONDERITE offers a broad range of light metal finishing technologies with excellent corrosion. With Chrome-III and non-chrome conversion coatings Henkel offers an extended range of reliable and efficient solutions to match chrome-IV performance requirements, while meeting upcoming EU regulations.

Functional Coatings Technologies

BONDERITE stands for technologies that set new standards for your total functional coating process. Our cleaner, lubricants, surface treatment and coating products create competitive advantages across the industrial manufacturing marketplace.

BONDERITE Electro-Ceramic Coating

ECC is an electro-ceramic multi-functional coating based on titanium oxide that can also function as a final finish. ECC coatings increase the efficiency of many applications, save process costs and allow to replace steel parts by lighter metals. ECC is heavy metal free.

Autophoretic Coating

M-PP autodeposition process delivers a highly corrosion-resistant, thin organic coating, while increasing process efficiency over traditional finishing methods. It combines metal pretreatment and finishing in one process, providing a lasting finish – both inside and outside of parts.