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Socomore develop expert solutions for the preperation, testing and treatment of surfaces before bonding and assembly operations. Socomore's solutions are designed for use in manufacture, inspection and maintenance operations in the aerospace, automotive, rail, metal and energy industries.

Socomore offers a wide range of expert solutions for treating, preparing and protecting metal and composite materials for manufacture and the maintenance industry. 

Approvals: Agusta Westland, Airbus, Airbus Military, Airbus Helicopters, ATR, AVIC, BAe, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, COMAC, Dassault Aviation, DGA, Embraer, Lockhead Martin, Sikorsky, CFMI, GE, IAE, MTU, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, SNECMA, Turbomeca, Goodrich, Honeywell, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty. 

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MRO Product Range


Discover Socomore's complete range of products for surface preparation during maintenance operations of helicopters, civil and military aircraft including paint strippers, aqueous degreasers, solvents, deoxidizers, CICs (Corosion Inhibitor Compounds) and adhesion promoters (Prior to painting and bonding)

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A full range of cleaners and strippers for landing gears, wheels and brakes. All developed to replace chlorinated, chromated and NMP-based products and their associated Health, Safety & Environmental issues. The range also includes anti-corrosion protection products.

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Socomore solutions meet the cleaning needs for cold and hot sections of engine parts and APUs (Auxiliary Power Units). The aim is to improve productivity and the final finish of parts while optimizing operational costs. Socomore's solutions are based on over 40 years of experience in speciality chemicals and are approved by engine manufacturers. 

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Product Spotlight

Socomore Socogel 

Why use Sol-gel solutions? The Socogel range provides: improved adhesion of paint and adhesives, corrosion protection when used in conjunction with an appproved paint scheme, elimination of chromates in surface preperation prior to painting.


  • Adhesion promoter
  • Corrosion protection
  • Elimination of chromates


Socomore Diestone DLS 

Diestone DLS is a solvent composition with controlled volatility and weak odour. It is free from chlorinated hydrocarbons and used as a cleaning agent. Provides maximum security: it does not contain any teratogenic or carcinogenic components, toluene or ethylene glycol ethers.


  • Pleasant odour
  • Efficient reactivation and cleaning of epoxy and polyurethane primers
  • Very high solvent power

Socomore Wadis 24

Socomore WADIS 24 displaces water and humidity giving to the treated surfaces a water-repellency by adding a thin translucent, soft film with good anti-corrosive properties. Socmore Wadis 24 is free from boron, silicone, barium.


  • Excellent dielectric features
  • Also a lubricant and releasing agent
  • Does not attack paints, plastic and rubbers


Surface preparation

Socomores chemical and mechanical sealant removal products, gel and liquid paint strippers, water-based lubricants, exterior aircraft cleaners and engine part cleaning solutions are designed to ensure particle-free cleaning and spotless surface preparation prior to paint, bond, sealant application and non-destructive testing on metallic and composite surfaces during manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance/repair (MRO) operations.

Surface treatment

Treatment and activation solutions for metal surfaces. Socomores specialist range is designed to etch, deoxidize, descale and condition. The Socomore range includes a complete REACH compliant aluminium surface treatment range of Cr(VI) and borate free products.

Surface protection

Socomores washable and peelable temporary protection products including water-based, oil and wax corrosion inhibitors, mold release agents and chemical milling masks are suitable for application on metal and composite, painted and unpainted surfaces to protect against environmental, physical and chemical attack.

VOC Reduction

What is a VOC? 

According to the definition of the European Community, a VOC (volatile Organic Compound) are a large group of organic chemicals that include any compound of carbon (excluding carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbides or carbonates, and ammonium carbonate). such as Acetone, MEK and Butyl acetate.

To reduce VOC emissions Socomore offer a range of products that contain Low-VOCs or No VOCs.

Pre-saturated wipes

Silmid offer a range of Socomore wipes pre-saturated with formulated solvents, chemicals or water-based solutions. The Socomore pre-saturated wipe system provide economical, environmental and safety advantages, when compared to dosing cloths with liquids. Pre-saturated wipes control and reduce the amount of product consumed and in turn reduce the level of toxic emissions.


  • Have various safety advantages
  • Control and reduce the amount of product consumed
  • Reduce the level of toxic emissions