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Naftoseal® polysulphide aircraft sealants for OEMs and maintenance are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry. Benefit from a full range of approved, easy-to-use, eco-friendly sealants and sealant removers. Naftoseal® sealants offer you eco-friendly properties: all components are chromate-free, solvent-free or very low in solvent content. The application characteristics boast good thixotropic properties (no slump), fast tack-free and cure rates to enable higher production rates.

These advantages of Naftoseal® sealants are even further enhanced by low-temperature flexibility, good adhesion to various substrates and an excellent resistance to numerous aerospace chemicals.

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Product Spotlight

Naftoseal MC-780 Class C2 130ml Techkit-130 IPS04-05-001-21

NAFTOSEAL MC-780 Class C is a two-component, manganese-dioxide cured, liquid polysulphide polymer system with reduced density, providing excellent fuel tank and fuselage seals


  • Naftoseal MC-780 Class C provides excellent fuel tank and fuselage seals.
  • Naftoseal MC-780 Class C is designed for interfay surface sealing and wet riveting of fuselage components
  • Naftoseal MC-780 Class C has outstanding resistance to aviation gasoline and jet fuel
  • Naftoseal MC-780 Class C has resistance to chemicals and petroleum products common to the aircraft industry.


  • Sealing fuselages
  • Sealing fuel tanks


AIMS 04-05-001, 04-05-012