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Hylomar products are popular in the aerospace, automotive and industrial markets. They sell a wide range of sealants and adhesives to include instant adhesives, silicone sealants, epoxy adhesives and anaerobic compounds. Hylomar are also manufacturers and product formulators. Therefore, if commercially viable, they can develop products to specific customer requirements.

Product Spotlight - Hylomar Universal Blue

The leading non-setting gasket and jointing compound available today, this product can be used to replace a traditional gasket or to 'dress' it to significantly improve the performance of the gasket.

Hylomar Universal Blue is a high performance, non-setting gasket and jointing compound. The compound is resistant to a wide range of fluids including industrial fluids, oils, petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oils, gasoline kerosene, water/glycol, methanol/water mixtures, air, and turbine and piston engine combustion products.  

Features of Hylomar Universal Blue include unlimited assembly time and a wide ranging operating temperature of -50⁰C to 250⁰C. It allows metal to metal contact and the non-setting feature allows easy dismantling of components for service and repair work.

Hylomar Universal Blue has many different applications including inlet manifolds, timing case covers, gearboxes, water and oil pumps, cylinder heads, flat rigid sumps and gas turbines. 

Hylomar blue tube in hand

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