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10 Boeing 747 Facts

Easily one of the most recognisable planes in the sky the Boeing 747 was introduced in the 1970’s turning heads with its massive proportions and double-decker design. The 747 has been dubbed the “Queen of the Skies” and despite the rising cost of fuel and the changing trends in aviation the Jumbo Jet remains in service to this day. Sadly, with more efficient widebody planes becoming the norm across fleets worldwide the 747 won’t be around forever. 

1.Here are 10 facts that help you understand why this plane has ruled the skies for so long. 

2.During its service the 747 has flown more than 3.5 billion people 
3.With capacity for 350-400 people the 747 once carried 1,087 people at once   

4.It takes 90 gallons of paint to paint a 747   

5.There are 14 stairs to the upper deck     

6.The Wright brothers could have fit their historic first flight inside a 747   

7.There are 365 switches, dials, and lights in the incredibly confusing cockpit 
8.Due to the double-decker layout some passengers are closer to the front than the pilots   

9.The Boeing 747 first flew in February 1969, five months before Apollo 11 landed on the moon.   

10.Boeing didn't have a facility large enough to build the 747, so they had to construct a new assembly plant in Everett, WA.   

The 747 has a wing sweep of 37.5 degrees - more than any other commercial aircraft in the world.