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PPG Aerospace sealants authorised distributor

PPG Aerospace sealants authorised distributor

Our comprehensive range of sealants for aircraft structures includes products for fuel tanks, protecting aircraft mating surfaces and sealing aircraft windshields. The PPG sealant range is now enhanced with Sealants Europe SAS, formed from acquiring a majority interest in the aerospace and automotive sealants and adhesives business of Le Joint Français (LJF). 

PPG was one of the first brands to join the Silmid portfolio back in the early 1980’s, and as an authorised distributor of PPG Aerospace sealants, we stock almost 100 different product lines in a variety of sizes and specifications   

With no minimum order value and 24/7 on-demand access to PPG products including those affected by REACH (where possible), Silmid is your number one choice for PPG sealants. 




PPG Aerospace

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Introduction to aircraft sealants

Introduction to Aircraft Sealant 

When you strip away the outer layer of an aircraft, one thing you will be sure to find is sealant. During the manufacture and assembly of an aircraft, various sealants are used to protect key areas and components from corrosion, as well as exposure to high temperatures and chemicals such as hydraulic fluids and jet oils. For more information read our full introduction to aircraft sealants



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Also Available from PPG – PPG Coatings

PPG Aerospace is the global leader in the development and supply of aerospace coatings. These coatings provide superior application characteristics, UV resistance and colour stability. The innovative Selectively Strippable System combines long-term performance with efficient topcoat removal for repainting.

Featured Product - PPG PR1440 Fuel Tank Sealant

This material is designed for brush sealing of fasteners in fuel tanks and other aircraft fuselage sealing applications. The cured sealant maintains excellent elastomeric properties after prolonged exposure to both jet fuel and aviation gas. 


  • Various classes and application times 
  • Various sizes 
  • Approvals for Bell Helicopters, Boeing, Cessna, Lockheed, Rolls Royce and Dassault among others 

View the full PR1440 fuel tank sealant range

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