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SkyScraper (311/25) Fluted POM White Re-Usable 25mm Width (Boeing Profile)

SkyScraper (311/25) Fluted POM White Re-Usable 25mm Width (Boeing Profile)
SkyScrapers and Seat Track Scrapers by Elixair are approved composite plastic scrapers used as a tool in the removal of cured sealant and adhesives.
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Product Information

Features of Sky Scraper 311/25:
  • Easy to use and work in conjunction with the SkyGrip - an ergonomic interchangeable rubberized grip which is specifically designed to help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries caused by repetitive tool use.
  • Can help to reduce foreign object damage/debris (FOD) issues.
  • Safe alternative to metallic scrapers - will not damage surfaces.
  • Fluted SkyScrapers can be re-sharpened using the SkyMill Revolution and SkyEdgit sharpening devices.
  • Quick release interchangeable tools and various length extension handles for ease of use and operator comfort.
SkyScrapers are protected by patents and come in a range of different sizes and varieties. They are composed of different types of composite plastic in order to accommodate all working environments, including a specifically designed scraper for cleaning seat tracks.