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Aerospace MRO

Aerospace MRO and Silmid

What does MRO stand for in aviation? Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul 

For over 40 years, Silmid have been supplying chemical consumables to all areas of the aerospace MRO industry. Partnering with key brands such as AeroShell, PPG Aerospace, 3M, Eastman and many more we hold stock on a large number of critical items, ready to order online for immediate shipment around the globe. 

Whether you are an MRO specialist working on engines or landing gear, or you offer a complete nose to tail solution for your customers, you can trust Silmid to supply the right product, to the right specification at the right time. 

Nose To Tail Solutions


The airframe makes up the mechanical structure of the aircraft, with modern aviation pushing for light weighting, increased performance and improved reliability.


With the introduction of next generation engines, there is a continuing need for product able to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. Ensuring engines are able to exceed performance expectations flight after flight starts with the right tools.

Wheels and Landing Gear 

Aircraft landing gear operate under extreme pressure, from supporting the weight of the aircraft to managing the drastic change in temperature upon landing. Ensuring landing gear operate efficiently throughout their lifetime is vital.