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Kontakt Chemie products lined up

Kontakt Chemie

Kontakt Chemie

Kontakt Chemie has been the leading manufacturer of technical sprays 
for the electronics industry for more than 60 years. During that time, it has 
evolved beyond electronics to develop a range of high-quality products for 
all types of electrical and electronic goods. 

Now part of CRC Industries, a world leading manufacturer of technical 
aerosols, KONTAKT CHEMIE products benefit from increased in-house 
research & development resources, as well as more manufacturing capacity. 
This ensures KONTAKT CHEMIE products continue to meet the high standards 
of quality and performance demanded by technicians all over the world.

Kontakt Chemie products

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Kontakt Chemie 67

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Kontakt Chemie PCC in use

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Kontakt Chemie 70 in use

Conformal Coatings 

Kontakt Chemie 60 in use

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