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Semco® Glass Filled Nylon Sealant Removal Tool (235077)

Semco® Glass Filled Nylon Sealant Removal Tool (235077)
Semco® Glass Filled Nylon Sealant Removal Tool (235077) Read more
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Product Information


PPG's SEMCO® packaging and application systems product line of sealant removal tools is intended to improve sealant removal rates and reduce operator fatigue. The product line consists of eleven tools with various shapes tailored for different operations and made from two material types:  CELCON® POM or glass-filled nylon.  

Most aerospace OEMs simply require that the sealant removal tools be made of some form of plastic. Detailed in the chart on the next page, the BAC 5000 specification approves generic plastic scrapers to be used on their aircraft with the exception of one specific type of application: unpainted aluminum clad exterior fuselage. PPG's Semco packaging and application systems group has completed a series of tests on four of our Celcon POM tools in accordance with BAC 5000’s key sealant removal test method:  BSS 7384. Those test results are available upon request and enable these tools to be used on Boeing Commercial aircraft applications in full compliance with the BAC 5000  

(Part numbers: 235072, 235073, 235074, 235075).

Celcon POM is the industry standard and is most widely used at aircraft OEMs globally, while glass-filled nylon tends to be used more by MROs and airlines. On the next page is a list of aircraft programs and the recommended sealant removal tools based on industry process specifications:  

Part Number: 235077