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AeroShell Fluid 3

Silmid P/N: VAR0000077
De €14.26 (hors TVA) €17.11 (TVA comprise)
AeroShell Fluid 3 is approved to DEF STAN 91-47 and MIL-PRF-7870E O-142 OM-12. It is a general purpose mineral lubricating oil with good low temperature characteristics and a low freezing point.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 38190000
  • Country of Origin United States

Informations produits

It is inhibited against oxidation and corrosion. AeroShell Fluid 3 is a relatively low viscosity product with good resistance to evaporation. AeroShell Fluid 3 is recommended for general lubrication of aircraft parts that require a light oil, e.g. hinges, pivot joints, shaft joints, linkage pins and bearings, pulleys, cables, camera mechanisms, radio and radar gear and instruments.

AeroShell Fluid 3 is normally applied by means of an oil can or brush. For this reason it is also described as ‘an oilcan lubricant’. Operating temperature range of AeroShell Fluid 3 is –54°C to +121°C. For high temperature applications where no provision is made for frequent re-lubrication the synthetic oil, AeroShell Fluid 12, should be used in place of the mineral oil, AeroShell Fluid 3; however in this case care should be taken to ensure that there is no incompatibility between AeroShell Fluid 12 and seals, paints etc. 


  • Low viscosity product
  • Good resistance to evaporation
  • For general lubrication of aircraft parts
  • Operating temperature : –54°C to +121°C.

Specifications: DEF STAN 91-47 MIL-PRF-7870E O-142 OM-12  

Shipping information

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