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The most popular packaging type for PPG aerospace sealants is the two component, premeasured Semkit cartridge system. There are a number of official methods approved for mixing PRC or Pro-Seal sealants packaged in Semkits.

Machine mixing and hand mixing are the only industry-recognised methods for mixing sectionalized containers (Semkit).

When mixing a PPG Aerospace sealant Semkit, always follow the directions as dictated on the product packaging. The recommended mixing instructions are tested and validated to ensure that the sealant performs as intended and meets all specification requirements.

The mixing of a Semkit by other means, such as with a drill adapter, may compromise the performance properties of the sealant and void the warranty.

For more than 50 years, PPG’s aerospace segment has been a leader in the development of products fundamental to aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. That leadership is firmly established in the highly specialised field of aerospace sealants.

PRC aerospace sealants were the first elastomeric products capable of resisting deterioration from long-term exposure to jet fuel. Since then, sealants such as PR1440 and PS890 have become acknowledged industry standards for sealing fuel tanks in virtually every aircraft in the world.

This tradition of leadership continues with innovative new sealants based on our advanced Permapol polymers. These sealants are lighter in weight, withstand higher temperatures, cure faster, and are easier to apply.

Supported by a global network of application support centers (ASCs), each staffed by technical support specialists who can quickly provide needed service and information, PPG continues to establish higher standards for product and service excellence.

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When you strip away the outer layer of an aircraft, one thing you will be sure to find is sealant. During the manufacture and assembly of an aircraft, various sealants are used to protect key areas and components from corrosion, as well as exposure to high temperatures and chemicals such as hydraulic fluids and jet oils.

Aircraft sealants have different properties depending on the area of application they are designed for. We maintain a diverse inventory for different purposes, including fuel tank sealants, fuselage sealants, access door sealants, window and canopy sealants and firewall sealants at Silmid.

Each sealant also cures differently, with the relevant information accessible on the corresponding TDS/SDS. While selecting the right sealant is the first step, further decisions must be made that will affect the application of the sealant itself.

Distributeur autorisé de produits d'étanchéité PPG Aerospace

Notre gamme complète de produits d'étanchéité pour les structures d'avions comprend des produits pour les réservoirs de carburant, la protection des surfaces de contact des avions et l'étanchéité des pare-brise d'avions. La gamme de mastics PPG s'enrichit désormais de Sealants Europe SAS, issue de l'acquisition d'une participation majoritaire dans l'activité mastics et adhésifs aéronautiques et automobiles du Joint Français (LJF).

PPG a été l'une des premières marques à rejoindre le portefeuille Silmid au début des années 1980, et en tant que distributeur autorisé des mastics PPG Aerospace, nous stockons près de 100 lignes de produits différentes dans une variété de tailles et de spécifications.

Sans valeur de commande minimale et un accès à la demande 24h/24 et 7j/7 aux produits PPG, y compris ceux concernés par REACH (dans la mesure du possible), Silmid est votre choix numéro un pour les mastics PPG.




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