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Bonderite C-IC 624 Aluminium Cleaner

Silmid P/N: VAR0000584
De €58.98 (hors TVA) €70.78 (TVA comprise)
Deoxidine 624 liquid cleaner principally for use by brush on aluminium and its alloys to remove oils and oxides, when dipping processes are inappropriate or uneconomic

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 38101000
  • Country of Origin Germany
  • Code UN 1805 CL8

Informations produits


It is the usual preparation prior to Brush Alocrom 1200 or Alodine 600 pretreatment and is widely specified for aircraft surfaces - whether followed by chromate conversion or paint systems. It meets DTD 900/4627 and can be used as described in BS 7773 : 1995 Section 3.15 Method P and B.Ae Airbus ABP 1-5056.


  • Removes normal oil contamination: eliminates separate degreasing
  • Removes oxide films from aluminium and its alloys
  • Ready for use liquid
  • Simple process: brush on and rinse off
  • Improves paint and lacquer adhesio
  • Can clean steels and brass

Shipping information

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