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Bonderite L-FG 2626 Glass Frit Lubricant 25Kg Drum

Silmid P/N: P0170119
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BONDERITE L-FG 2626 (formerly known as Acheson Dag) is a dispersion of specially developed, rigorously controlled glass frit in water designed for the protection and lubrication of stainless steel and nickel alloys during hot working in the temperature range of 1,000 to 1,200 °C.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 34031980
  • Country of Origin Netherlands

Informations produits


  • Prevents oxidation
  • Reduces gaseous diffusion
  • Reduces intergranular defects
  • Reduces finishing costs
  • Reduces surface cooling effects
  • Improves surface finish
  • Improves metal movement
  • Replaces costly silver and nickel plating
  • Easy and cheap to apply
  • Gives an even, uniform coating

Shipping information

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