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3M SJ8665 FP446 Transparent Polyurethane Protective Boot

3M SJ8665 FP446 Transparent Polyurethane Protective Boot
3M Aerospace offers a highly effective solution to protect the vital surfaces of your aircraft from erosion and FOD. Our 3M™ Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8665 FP446 protects its corresponding component against paint chipping, moisture, UV and abrasion throughout the flight envelope. Lire la suite
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The 3M™ Polyurethane Protective Boot SJ8665 FP446 adhesive-backed, UV stable polyurethane for exact-fitting protection. This transparent protective boot is paintable and can be applied over painted surfaces and forms a protective barrier between vulnerable surfaces and damaging elements.

These products perform equally well on metal and composite materials. Our boots are one of the most economical and effective solutions available to protect those high value assets that are subject to damage.

The solvent-resistant acrylic adhesive bonds well to aircraft surfaces and secures the protective boot for years of service. Made with acrylic adhesive for its ability to wet out the surface for a strong bond. Acrylic adhesive also provides good aging and UV resistance. A strong, reliable bond combined with our resilient polyurethane material will help you realize significant savings on maintenance with this cost-effective solution to protect high-erosion surfaces and keep your aircraft looking their best.

Product Details:

  • Protects against erosion caused by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) such as rain and sand
  • UV stable polyurethane material holds its clarity and will not yellow over time
  • Can be used to protect radomes with virtually no reduction in transmissivity
  • Custom molded for precise fit
  • Helps prevent surface damage and delamination
  • Reliable protection for leading edge metal and composite surfaces

Product Specifications:

  • Application - Erosion Protection, Surface Protection
  • Brand - 3M 
  • Capabilities - Aircraft Maintenance & Production efficiency, Aviation Safety Enhancement 
  • Colour - Transparent 
  • Gloss Finish
  • Thickness - 0.014
  • SJ8665 FP446

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€577.69 hors TVA
(€693.23 TVA comprise)
Pas de stock - délai de livraison 59 jours
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