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Electrolube FRE Freezer Spray 400ml Aerosol

Electrolube FRE Freezer Spray 400ml Aerosol
Electrolube Freezer, FRE, is a powerful non-corrosive refrigerant for use as a rapid and safe method of cooling small components, particularly in electrical and electronic equipment, and to detect faulty soldered joints and overheating components. Electrolube Freezer utilises Non Ozone Depleting materials.
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  • Safe - the corrosion inhibiting refrigerant is non-toxic and non flammable making Freezer ideal for use by unskilled operatives even in high volume use.
  • Electrolube Freezer has been specially formulated to induce the absolute minimum of static charge possible. This avoids the potential danger of build up of highly damaging voltages on static sensitive devices that can occur with less carefully formulated products.
  • High pressure rapidly lowers temperature of components down to at least -50°C (dependent upon initial temperature of the component) in a matter of seconds (time taken is dependent on size, material and operating conditions of component being cooled).
  • Prevents component damage from overheating during soldering.
  • Extension tube aids access to components in confined and 'difficult to reach' areas.
  • Saves time - 'dry' joint location involves measuring electrical resistance at each joint in a faulty circuit, which is both time consuming and not always conclusive due to parallel resistance
    paths making measurement of true joint resistance difficult, if not impossible. Using Freezer eliminates this time consuming method.
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