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Easyflow Flux Powder 500gm *MSRR 9500/124

Easyflow Flux Powder 500gm *MSRR 9500/124
Easy-flo™ Flux Powder is very fluid at the bottom end of its working range resulting in early and extensive flux spread. This ensures that the joint surfaces are well protected from oxidation at the earliest possible point of the brazing operation.
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  • High level of fluidity also helps to reduce flux voids / entrapment in the joint, the low viscosity of the flux aiding its displacement by the brazing filler metal from the joint gap.
  • Easy-flo™ Flux Powder has a working range of 550-800°C.
  • It is suitable for use with silver brazing filler metals melting below 750°C (such as Silver-flo™, Easy-flo™ and Argo-braze™ filler metals).
  • Easy-flo™ Flux Powder can be used on all of the common engineering materials (copper, brass, mild steel and stainless steel), but not aluminium.
  • JM special purpose fluxes are required when brazing aluminium bronze, certain grades of stainless steel, tungsten, molybdenum and tungsten carbide or where protracted heating is involved.
  • Easy-flo™ Flux Powder has excellent ‘hot rodding’ characteristics and adheres well to a warmed brazing rod allowing flux to be transferred to the joint area via the rod.


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