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Momentive RTV 60 High Temp Electronic Silicone Red c/w DBT Catalyst (Freezer Storage -18°C)

Momentive RTV 60 High Temp Electronic Silicone Red c/w DBT Catalyst (Freezer Storage -18°C)
RTV60 silicone rubber compounds are high temperature two- part silicone elastomers. They are supplied ready-to-use with a base compound and DBT (dibutyl tin dilaurate) as the standard curing agent.
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Code UN: UN3082 CL9 III
Quantité limitée: 5L
Commodity Code: 39100000
Country of Origin: États Unis


Features of RTV 60:

  • Variable work times and cure rates by adjusting the amount and type of curing agent.
  • Room temperature cure.
  • Composition free of solvents and solvent odour
  • Excellent adhesion capabilities with primer
  • Excellent release properties
  • Retention of elastomeric properties at temperatures from -54°C up to 260°C continuously, and up to 316°C for short periods of time.


DBT is suitable for most applications, however other catalysts are available to facilitate deep section cure, faster cure and automated mixing.
RTV31, RTV60 and RTV88 silicone rubber compounds differ primarily in viscosity in the uncured state.


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