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Henkel Teroson MS 9320

Silmid P/N: VAR0000761
De €26.80 (hors TVA) €32.16 (TVA comprise)
TEROSON MS 9320 SF is a sprayable sealant based on SMP-Polymer, that crosslinks to a rubber-elastic material with good abrasion resistance by absorbing humidity from the air.

Informations produits

Skin formation time and curing time depend on the humidity of the air and the temperature. In addition, the curing time also depends on the layer thickness. By increasing the temperature and humidity, the reaction time can be reduced; low temperatures as well as low humidity retard the process.

  • Sealant and seam sealing product in one
  • High sag resistance
  • Sprayable and brushable
  • Can be applied using a flat spray nozzle or a broad jet nozzle
  • Can be painted up to three days after application with solvent-coating and water borne paint systems
  • Broad range of adhesion without the use of primer
  • Spotweldable if not completely cured
  • Free of isocyanate and silicone
  • Very rapid curing
  • UV resistant
  • High ageing resistance


  • Henkel Teroson MS 9320
  • Available in various sizes
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