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Hylomar Hylogrip HY5172 Anaerobic Thread Sealant

Silmid P/N: VAR0000326
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HYLOGRIP HY5172 thread sealant.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 35069190
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom

Informations produits

Hylogrip HY5172 thread sealant was specifically formulated and developed for the sealing and locking of threaded joints and other sealing applications. The products are resistant to heat corrosion, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many other chemicals. The lubricating properties of Hylogrip HY5172 are due to the PTFE content of the products and can considerably ease torque-up of threaded joints.

Typical applications

Hylogrip HY5172 thread sealant may be used as a sealing and locking compound on all types of pipethreads. The product is superior to P.T.F.E. tape, which can become detached and cause operatingproblems in control systems requiring a high level of particulate cleanliness.Hylogrip HY5172 has proved extremely effective on stainless steel pipe threads, operatingsuccessfully where other compounds of this type have failed to perform satisfactorily. This makesthem particularly useful in the construction of hydraulic control systems for the offshore industry,where stainless steel pipework and components are widely used and joint integrity is vital.Because the compound cures within the joint, it not only prevents leakage from within the pipework,but also excludes the surrounding environment from the joint surface. This helps to reduce thelikelihood of crevice corrosion taking place, especially where the joint is immersed in sea water.


  • Hylomar Hylogrip
  • HY5172

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