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Bonderite L-GP 213 Multi-Purpose Lubricant 1Kg Bottle

Silmid P/N: P1500276
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BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON is designed to provide controlled electrical resistance properties.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 38012090
  • Country of Origin United States
  • Code UN 1139 CL3

Informations produits

BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON is a dispersion of finely divided graphite pigment in an epoxy resin solution. When properly cured, it has excellent adhesion to epoxy circuit boards, bushings, plastics and ceramics. BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON also has excellent wearing properties. It provides chemical resistance to oils and many solvents, but not to enamel strippers. BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON as a lubricant coating provides clean, dry, long-wearing, and superior maintenance-free lubrication for a wide range of light to medium load applications. A thin film of BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON keeps wear uniform and reduces friction on mating metal parts without requiring increased manufacturing tolerances. Components are protected from metal-tometal contact even in applications approaching boundary lubrication, reducing the risk of damage due to partial or complete seizure. Formulated from processed micro-graphite and epoxy resin, BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON forms tightly adherent coatings on many types of substrates. In addition to high lubricity, BONDERITE L-GP 213 ACHESON coatings exhibit extremely good wear resistance to oils and solvents (except enamel strippers).

Shipping information

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