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Fuchs Renolin MR 10 VG 32 Hydraulic Oil 20Lt Drum

Silmid P/N: P0190131
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This Fuchs Renolin MR has special lubricating and hydraulic fluids with excellent corrosion protection.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 27101983
  • Country of Origin Germany

Informations produits

The products of the RENOLIN MR-series are special HLP-D lubricating and hydraulic fluids according to DIN 51 502 with excellent corrosion protection, outstanding contaminant-removing and transportation properties (detergent / dispersant properties). RENOLIN MR contains zinc and is used as a problem solver in hydraulic systems where standard oils fail.

The RENOLIN MR oils have excellent corrosion protection properties that are typically expected only of specially designed corrosion protection oils. The excellent corrosion protection properties of the RENOLIN MR oils ensure that corrosion does not occur on steel and non-ferrous metals in the system, even in the presence of water. We therefore recommend the use of RENOLIN MR oils as break-in oils and operational fluids. The metallic surfaces coated with these oils are protected against corrosion when stored correctly.

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Good air release properties
  • High ageing resistance
  • Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Protects against wear
  • Excellent contaminant-removing and transportation properties (detergent / dispersant properties)
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Reduces stick-slip effects


Shipping information

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