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Tribolube 64RPA Fluorinated Polyether Grease 1Lb Plastic Jar

Tribolube 64RPA Fluorinated Polyether Grease 1Lb Plastic Jar
TRIBOLUBE 64RPA is a Fluorinated Polyether Grease. It's primary characteristic is that it has extremely low start run torques at -100ºF, yet will operate at temperatures of 400ºF for long periods of time. Lire la suite
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Tribolube-64RPA is treated with Sodium Nitrite as a rust inhibitor. Tribolube-64RPA is non-reactive with strong acids, oxygen, fuels, and solvents. It is an excellent anti-wear, extreme pressure lubricantwith long life.

Although this lubricant is very inert, newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum and magnesium may react with the grease under certain conditions. Tribolube-64RPA is available with EP agents using the designation of MS or SW.


TRIBOLUBE-64RPA is intended for use in small and large diameter ball, roller, needle, and plain bearings, threads, valves, gears, and screw actuators. It is compatible with most elastomers and plastic seals, gaskets and O-rings.

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€884.57 hors TVA
(€1061.48 TVA comprise)
Pas de stock - délai de livraison 24 jours
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