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Silmid P/N: VAR0000888
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ROCOL SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil is a translucent, non-toxic grease and is a Water Regulations Advisory Scheme – Approved Product.

Informations produits

This product has been designed for the lubrication of seals, O rings, slides, slow speed bearings and other similar light to medium duty applications. SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil has a high dielectric strength, is resistant to chemicals, oils and gases and can be used as an electrical filling compound.


  • Excellent wide temperature resistance ranging from -40C to +200C and it can protect up to +220C for short periods
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils and gases far superior to standard greases
  • Excellent resistance to water, including salt water, ensuring components are protected even in submerged conditions
  • SAPPHIRE Aqua-Sil is approved for use in both hot and cold potable (drinking) water Suitable for use as a rubber lubricant for most rubbers (not suitable for silicone rubber)
  • Commonly used for the assembly of rubber seals, tap washers and o rings Ideal lubricant for most types of plastics
  • Extremely long wet life reducing re-lubrication frequencies and in some cases can be used as a lifetime lubricant High dielectric strength making it ideal for use as an electrical filling compound


  • IP 50 ASTM D217
  • ASTM D 972
  • IP71
  • IP 121
  • DIN 51807
  • IP 112 ASTM D130
  • IP 142
  • BS 2918:1957
  • BS 903: 1982

Please Note: the specifications mentioned here are just for information purposes and some references above may not be listed on the certificate of conformity received.


  • SAPPHIRE® Aqua-Sil

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