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Molyslip Arvina XT2 Extreme Temperature Bearing Grease

Silmid P/N: VAR0001266
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Molyslip Arvina XT2 is a fully-synthetic, high-performance, lithium complex soap thickened grease designed for bearings operating in extreme temperature applications. Supplied in various sizes.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 34039900
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom

Informations produits

The synthetic base-oil and high-performance anti-oxidant system resists thermo-oxidative degradation, allowing Arvina XT2 to be used at high temperatures up to 180°C where general purpose greases will fail. In addition, the ultra-low solidification point of the base oil ensures that Arvina XT2 can also be used at temperatures as low as -50°C.

Arvina XT2 provides excellent lubricity and load carrying ability to protect bearings from premature wear and failure. The effective anti-corrosion additives also allow Arvina XT2 to be used in wet and humid environments. The low viscosity, low drag synthetic base fluid also ensures Arvina XT2 has excellent high speed capability – up to 700,000 DmN.

Arvina XT2 is suitable for use in ball and roller bearings operating in the temperature range 0f -50°C to +150°C (continuous) and +180°C (intermittent).


  • Excellent high temperature capability up to 180°C
  • Highly effective protection against corrosion
  • Good oxidation stability provides lasting lubrication
  • Good load carrying and anti-wear system


  • Molyslip
  • Arvina XT2
  • Extreme Temperature Bearing Grease
  • Available in various sizes.


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