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Mobilgrease XHP 461 Lithium Grease 50Kg Pail

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Mobil grease XHP™ 460 greases are extended service lithium complex greases intended for a wide variety of heavy duty applications andoperating conditions.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 27101999
  • Country of Origin France

Informations produits

Features of XPH460:

  • Superb resistance to water washout and spray-off
  • Highly adhesive and cohesive structure
  • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance 
  • Very good resistance to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation at high temperature
  • Very good anti-wear and EP performance
  • Broad multi-purpose application

These greases were designed to outperform conventional products by applying high performance proprietary lithium complex manufacturing technology. They are formulated to provide excellent high temperature performance with excellent adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water contamination. These greases have a high level of chemical stability and offer excellent protection against rust and corrosion. These greases feature high dropping points and maximum recommended operating temperature of 140º C (284°F). Mobil grease XHP 460 greases are formulated with an ISO VG 460 base oil viscosity and are available in NLGI grades 1 and 2. Mobil grease XHP 462 Moly is fortified with 3% molybdenum disulfide to provide enhanced EP and AW protection in heavily loaded and high sliding applications. Mobil grease XHP 460 greases are designed for a wide range of applications including the industrial, automotive, construction and marine sectors. Their performance features make them ideal choices for operating conditions including high temperature, water contamination, shock loading and extended re-lubrication operations. Mobil grease XHP 462 Moly is an extreme pressure grease containing 3% molybdenum disulfide that provides protection from wear under pivoting and other heavily loaded sliding conditions that lead to lose of oil film.


  • Mobil grease XHP 461 is recommended by Exxon Mobil for use in industrial and marine applications, chassis components and farm equipment. It provides excellent low temperature performance. It is satisfactory  for low speed flexible gear-type couplings. 
  • Mobil grease XHP 462 Series is recommended for use in felt roll bearings, wet end bearings, and press section bearings. It is also a good multi-purpose grease for general mill applications and industrial and marine applications, chassis components and farm equipment. 
  • Mobil grease XHP 462 Moly is fortified with 3% molybdenum disulfide and is particularly recommended by Exxon Mobil for applications such as bucket pins and fifth wheels, where molybdenum disulphide provides an extra level of protection where sliding friction and oscillating motion can lead to rupturing of the oil film, resulting in metal to metal contact. 


  • DIN 51825: (2004-06) KP1N-20L

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