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Bonderite L-GP T A Component 0.9Kg and Bonderite S-OT 310B 4K

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Included in this bundle is Bonderite L-GP T A tub containing 0.9kg and Bonderite S-OT 310B supplied in a 4kg can.

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New and developed, Nonyl-Phenol-Ether-Free dispersion of PTFE in water, which is used for mixing with Bonderite S-OT 310B ACHESON. The mixture of Bonderite L-GP T A COMP ACHESON and Bonderite S-OT 310B ACHESON is providing a smooth low friction coating when properly applied.


  • Bonderite L-GP T A Component
  • 0.9Kg Tub
  • (was Acheson Emralon)

Bonderite S-OT 310B

A two packaged product which should be combined with Emralon A component, when mixed it is a dispersion of fluorcarbon in a thermosetting binder, designed to be applied by spray. It produces a flow friction coating free of stick-slip characteristics. 


  • Bonderite S-OT 310B
  • Recommended for metal and rubber substrates
  • 4kg can