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PPG Desothane HS CA8360/GB0285R Near Matt NATO Green IRR Reflecting Topcoat 3Lt Can *DEF STAN 80-225

Silmid P/N: P0180004
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PPG Desothane HS CA8360/GB0285R is a NATO Green Near Matt IRR Reflecting Topcoat. This product is supplied in a 3Lt Can

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 32089091
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
  • Code UN 1263 CL3

Informations produits

CA8360 is a high durability, polyurethane topcoat, designed for use as both an internal topcoat for aircraft structural components as well as an external topcoat for military aircraft and land based defense equipment.


  • High solids, low VOC
  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (C.A.R.C.)
  • Excellent UV resistance & long term durability
  • Excellent resistance to Skydrol hydraulic fluid
  • Service temperature -55 to 150°C (-67°F to 302°F)
  • Can be used with PPG military selectively strippable scheme


  • PPG Desothane HS CA8360/GB0285R
  • NATO Green
  • Near Matt IRR Reflecting Topcoat
  • 3Lt Can

Please note: this part may need additional components as advised on the technical data sheet.

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