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Rockhard 576-450-002-R1 Clear Stoving Enamel

Silmid P/N: VAR0001236
De €117.08 (hors TVA) €140.50 (TVA comprise)
Rockhard 576-450-002-R1 is a Clear Stoving Enamel that is available in various sizes.

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Rockhard Clear Stoving Enamel has proved its worth over 4 decades as one of the best protective coatings for metals to erosion, corrosion, including salt water and chemical resistance at elevated temperatures particularly on Aluminium and Magnesium and as such is recommended by Magnesium Electron, the leading supplier of Magnesium in the UK.

The R1 version of 576-450-002 removes an environmentally unacceptable solvent from the wet coating. The dry film remains identical to the previous version. Rockhard is used in many industries, For example Volvo air intakes, coating turbine blades, computer chassis for insulation purposes, heat exchangers and radiators where it has enabled Aluminium to replace Copper in some applications.


  • Rockhard 576-450-002-R1
  • Clear Stoving Enamel
  • Available in various sizes

Please Note: This product is one component. Can be thinned with 665-550-025


  • Rockhard 576-450-002-R1 Clear Stoving Enamel
  • Available in various sizes
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