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Bostik 9252 Liquid Primer 1Lt Can *DTD900/4679A *AFS1179B

Bostik 9252 Liquid Primer 1Lt Can *DTD900/4679A *AFS1179B
Bostik 9252 is a thin, yellow/brown brushable liquid mainly used on metal surfaces as a primer.
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A yellow, brushable primer that is chiefly used as part of the Bostik 2402 adhesive system, but can also be used with other Bostik Neoprene Contact Adhesives, as well as Bostik Polyurethane and Nitriles. Bostik 9252 promotes good adhesion to metallic surfaces and fibreglass and may be used to increase adhesion on smooth surfaces by giving a better 'key'.


  • For optimum adhesion, it is essential that the surface is thoroughly degreased with Bostik 9907 Solvent and abraded if possible.
  • Prior to use, stir the primer thoroughly (important)
  • Apply an even, thin coat of primer by brush
  • Allow to dry completely (minimum of 1 hour) before applying the appropriate adhesive.

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