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Ardrox AV40 Corrosion Preventative 1Lt Can

Ardrox AV40 Corrosion Preventative 1Lt Can
Ardrox AV40 is a heat resistant, colourless corrosion inhibiting compound, leaving a dry, firm film
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Code UN: UN1139 CL3 III
Quantité limitée: 5L
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Features of Ardrox AV40

  • For protection of all metals and alloys, commonly used in the aerospace industry
  • Ardrox AV 40 is designed for use in areas exposed to elevated temperatures


  • Typical areas of application are engine parts, pylons, cowlings etc, exposed to temperatures up to 150oC, with short-term exposure, up to +210°C
  • The colourless film can also be applied to the exterior of the aircraft, where the skin is exposed to hot exhaust gases, e.g. the area around APU - outlet
  • Ardrox AV 40 withstands cleaning with alkaline cleaners and high pressure hot water
  • Removal is by use of hydrocarbon solvent

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