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Ardrox 311 Px4 Corrosion Preventative 25Lt Drum DEF STAN 80-34/3 OMAT1061

Ardrox 311 Px4 Corrosion Preventative 25Lt Drum DEF STAN 80-34/3 OMAT1061
ARDROX 311 long term corrosion preventive.ARDROX 311 is a viscous mineral oil with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
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  • It will give long term storage protection to metal components, particularly under conditions of high humidity.
  • ARDROX 311 is suitable for the lubrication and preservation of machine guns and small arms at a range of ambient temperatures, from -18C upwards.
  • It is also suitable for the preservation of internal combustion engines and engine components, small mechanisms, ball and roller bearings, instruments, phosphated iron and steel sheets and aluminium sheets.
  • ARDROX 311 is very resistant towards oxidation at high temperatures, even in the presence of copper and is, therefore, suitable for machinery, which will run hot. This product is not suitable for outdoor exposure where direct heavy rain may have access. ARDROX 3140, 3302 or 3313 should be used for these conditions.

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