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Zip-Chem Corban 27L Corrosion Inhibiting Compound

Silmid P/N: VAR0000960
De €42.52 (hors TVA) €51.02 (TVA comprise)
Cor-Ban 27L has been formulated to function as a non-drying, wide temperature range, corrosion inhibiting compound for static joint applications on a multitude of substrates.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 32089099
  • Country of Origin United States

Informations produits

A thixotropic, buff-colored film can be achieved on any metal surface and will maintain a flexible protective coating that will withstand high ultra violet exposure in highly corrosive environments.The bulk packaged material can be applied with spatula or brush at reasonable ambient temperatures. Pre-heating the product to 100 - 120°F will aid it's spreading properties.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Excellent Corrosion Inhibiting Compound
  • Wide Temperatures
  • Coats Intricate Parts
  • Smooth Application
  • Low Odor
  • Non Drying
  • User Safe


  • Zip-Chem Cor-Ban 27L
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Compound
  • *BMS 3-38B

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