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Ambersil Galvanising Zinc Rich 400ml Aerosol

Silmid P/N: P0200588
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Ambersil Galvanising Zinc Rich is a fast drying, zinc rich paint. For use on metals subjected to high temperatures. Supplied in a 400ml Aerosol. 


  • Galvanic protection against thermal and chemical corrosion
  • Resists salty and other corrosive atmospheres
  • Resists temperatures from -50 to +550°C, continuously
  • Excellent finish

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 32089091
  • Country of Origin Belgium
  • Code UN 1950 CL2.1

Informations produits

ZR is recommended for the cold galvanising and durable protection of all metallic parts, whether iron or alloy. ZR 99 contains 99.9 per cent pure zinc; it dries quickly to an even thickness with a glossy finish and resists up to 550°C without degrading, allowing it to be used on materials subject to very high temperatures.

ZR 99 can also be welded (except argon welding). Formulation guaranteed free from chlorines, hydrocarbons and aromatics.


  • Tack free and can be handled in 15 to 20 minutes at 25°C; full cure after 24 hours
  • Can be painted after curing
  • High coverage ability without running or excessive thickness
  • Aerosol formulation gives quick, even coverage in any location. Does not run, even on threaded parts

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