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Naftoseal MC-115 Adhesion Promoter

Silmid P/N: VAR0000993
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NAFTOSEAL MC-115 is a one-component adhesion promoter for polysulfide sealants.

Informations produits

Naftoseal MC-115 is a one-component adhesion promoter for polysulfide sealants and is used to prepare metal and solvent resistant painted surfaces prior to the application of polysulfide sealants. It contains a mixture of solvents and surface-activating substances.

Surface Preparation:

Clean surfaces with an appropriate solvent to remove dirt, grease, and processing oils justprior to the application of Naftoseal MC-115 Adhesion Promoter. Use clean rags or paper towels, avoid contaminating the surface with oils, soaps or anythingwhich may interfere with adhesion.

Always pour solvent onto the cleaning cloth to avoid contaminating the cleaning solvent.Clean one small area of the surface at a time, quickly wiping it dry before the solventevaporates to prevent re-deposition of oil, wax or other contaminants.


Method of Application: Naftoseal MC-115 must be applied to dry, solvent-cleaned surfacesonly, with a clean, lint-free gauze or a brush. Excess MC-115 should be wiped off - whilst stillwet - with clean gauze sponges. The substrate surface should remain a uniform red colour.Drying Time: 10min at 2C (7F), 50% r.h.Sealant Application: Naftoseal MC-115 should be re-applied if the polysulfide sealant is notapplied within 4 hours of the initial application.


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