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SkyWipes (602-1) With Lanolin (300 Wipe Tub)

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Socomore SkyWipes are a non-flammable, water-based, universally approved impregnated wipe system which is both safe and user friendly. Supplied in a 300 wipe tub.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 34029010
  • Pays d'origine Ireland

Informations produits

Socomore SkyWipes by Elixair are non-hazardous, water-based surface cleaning wipes for the effective removal of wet and semi-cured Polysulphide, Polythioether, Polyurethane, RTV and Silicone sealant residues as well as greases, oils and other general surface contaminants.

Each wipe is impregnated with Socomore SkyWash by Elixair offering a low odour, low VOC and non-flammable cleaning method, ensuring increased worker safety and environmental responsibility.


  • The benefits of using SkyWipes
  • Water-based and low-odour
  • Quickly cleans and degreases surfaces
  • Removes wet semi-cured sealant residues and other surface contaminants
  • Low lint content and leave no residue
  • Safe alternative to traditional solvents such as MEK, MPK, IPA, and acetone
  • SkyWipes are classed as non-flammable
  • SkyWipes remove wet or tacky sealants quickly, the wipes also make a great general cleaner and tool cleaner
  • Simple and quick to use - reduce cleaning time
  • Economical compared to traditional methods


  • SkyWipes (602-1) With Lanolin
  • 300 Wipe Tub

It is always recommended to wipe off using a dry wipe such as Sontara AC or Sontara EC to effectively remove contaminants dislodged by the solvent from the surface.

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