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Socomore Sococlean Aquaforte Water Based Cleaner

Silmid P/N: VAR0001335
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Socomore Sococlean Low VOC water-based alternative to solvent aircraft cleaners for general cleaning and degreasing of metallic and composite surfaces. Available in various sizes.

Informations produits

Sococlean Aquaforte is a water-based cleaning product designed to provide effective surface cleaning and to eliminate oils, soils, cutting fluids and sealant residues.

It is free of soda and potash, phosphates, nitrites, phenols and borates components. It was designed to replace traditional fast evaporating solvents such as MEK, acetone, IPA and other solvent based degreasers.

SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE is a water-based alternative to solvent cleaners for surface cleaning and degreasing in manufacturing, fabrication and maintenance operations in aerospace and other industries.

SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE provides effective cleaning and degreasing along with general workshop soils. Can be used on metals and composites. On polycarbonates is conform to ASTM F484 - 30 min at ambient temperature. On polycarbonates is conform to ASTM F484.


  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous classification.
  • Eliminates hazardous transport, storage and logistic issues associated to flammable liquid solvents.
  • Adapted for working in confined spaces.
  • Compatible on metals, composites and plastics materials.

Specifications Approvals:

  • AIRBUS IPS 09-04-001-01 / AIPI 09-01-003
  • SAFRAN IN1500 (conform on ML 340, Stainless Steel Titanium)


  • Socomore
  • Sococlean Aquaforte
  • Water Based Cleaner
  • Supplied in various sizes

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