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Ardrox 7050W Temporary Protective Coating Remover 25Kg Pail

Silmid P/N: A7050W025K
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ARDROX 7050W is a thickened alkaline liquid specifically formulated to remove temporary protective coatings from metal surfaces.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 38249996
  • Country of Origin France

Informations produits

A non-ammoniated product, it clings to the surface, penetrates the coating, and then easily rinses off with water.ARDROX 7050W is biodegradable and safe on all metals


  • ARDROX 7050W is applied full strength at room temperature. Spray, brush, or mop it on the surface and allow it to penetrate the coating (5 to 15 minutes, usually).
  • If necessary, scrub with a brush or mop.
  • Remove the ARDROX 7050W and coating using a cold-water, high pressure rinse.


  • Ardrox 7050W
  • Temporary Protective Coating Remover
  • 25Kg Pail

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