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Dymax 3095 Fast Tracking Adhesive 10gm Syringe

Dymax 3095 Fast Tracking Adhesive 10gm Syringe
Dymax Ultra Light-Weld 3095 is designed for the fastest bonding, tacking, and sealing possible with photocurable adhesives. A solvent-free, visible and UV curing adhesive, 3095 dispenses easily and cures “on demand” for precise bonding and placement of components.
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Excellent adhesion to common PCB substrates, fabric and other porous surfaces, and it’s shock absorbing capability make it an excellent choice for a variety of potting and tacking applications.

Dymax Ultra Light-Weld structural adhesives can be cured with UV or Visible light. Ultra Light-Weld’s faster, deeper cure, increases productivity, lowers assembly costs and enhances worker safety. When cured with Dymax Light Welder® UV lamps, these adhesives provide optimum process flexibility.

They allow the user to select the optimum combination of adhesive and cure mechanism to meet individual process and performance requirements.

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