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Macnaught ACK-2 Aviation Lubrication Kit

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The ACK-2 Aviation Grease Accessory Kit has been developed by Macnaught, and includes 12 types of high quality NATO approved couplers. Each coupler has been individually designed for access to otherwise inaccessible areas including landing gears, flap tracks, and ailerons. Each coupler has been tested to withstand pressures up to 10,000 PSI (690 BAR), and the black moulded case is ideal for quick sight checks, and ease of storage. Use of the ACK-2 kit ensures positive, professional class greasing of small to large aircraft both civil and military. All Grease couplers are available individually for replacement or other specification

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 84139100
  • Country of Origin Australia

Informations produits

Kit Includes:

  • KDN Right angle needlepoint coupler
  • KDS Short tolerance right angle coupler
  • KDF21 21" (53cm) flexible extension
  • KZSNR 90° needlepoint coupler
  • KY Standard replacement coupler
  • KZDXL Straight needlepoint coupler
  • J65 Filler nozzle adapto
  • KZHY Hypodermic needlepoint coupler
  • KZLN45 12" (30cm) 45° needlepoint coupler
  • KZLNR 12" (30cm) 90° needlepoint coupler
  • KZLNS 12" (30cm) straight needlepoint coupler
  • KDE8 8" (20cm) rigid extension
  • KZLNJ 12" (30cm) ‘J’ needlepoint coupler

Nato Stock No. 4930-01-105-9923

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