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3M 420 Linered Lead Foil Tape 1in x 36yd Roll

3M 420 Linered Lead Foil Tape 1in x 36yd Roll
3M™ Lead Foil Tape 420 and 421 are backed with a rubber adhesive, offering excellent conformability in a variety of application conditions, indoors and out.
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Features OF 420:

  • Very good conformability.
  • Good thermal properties and will perform over a wide variety of temperature conditions (-60° to 225°F or -54° to 106°C). It has been used at higher temperatures for shorter duration.
  • Electrically and thermally conductive.
  • Can be die-cut into specific shapes.
  • This material when disposed of separately is classified as RCRA hazardous waste. Please consult applicable Federal, State and local regulations for proper disposal.
  • Elevated lead levels in water may result from long term submersion of this product.
  • Best results are obtained when applied to a clean dry surface above 32°F (0°C). Also, by “feathering” the edges – rubbing the tape down with a smooth-edged plastic piece (or similar object) – the tape can be made to better conform to the substrate. This is especially important if the tape is to be used as a “thief” in electroplating where the edges must fully contact the metal base.

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