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Loctite Multicore MP 100 SN62 Solder Paste 500gm Jar (Fridge Storage 0°C-10°C)

Silmid P/N: SN62MP100AGS90
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Multicore MP100 medium from Henkel Loctite is a pale, soft residue product for printing and reflow in air, where process yield is critical.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 83113000
  • Country of Origin Hungary
  • Code UN 3082 CL9

Informations produits

MP100 solder pastes offer excellent open time and greatly extended abandon times. They ensure good soldering activity over a wide range of reflow profile types and surface finishes.

The MP100 paste contains Type 3 (AGS) solder powder, which is formulated for high volume stencil printing applications with component lead pitches down to 0.4mm.

Its flux is formulated to provide excellent wetting on all common board and component lead finishes, including OSP copper that may have been passed through multiple reflow processes in air.


  • Version suitable for ultra-fine pitch and 0201 chips
  • Long component tack time
  • Resists solder balling
  • Excellent spread on a wide range of solderable surfaces
  • Low colour post reflow residues for easy visual inspection


  • Loctite Multicore
  • MP 100 SN62 Solder Paste
  • 500gm Jar
  • Fridge Storage 0 - 10°C

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