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Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500 1USQ *MIL-PRF-23699G-STD DEF STAN 91-101 *OX-27 *O-156

Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500 1USQ *MIL-PRF-23699G-STD DEF STAN 91-101 *OX-27 *O-156
AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is a 5 mm2/s synthetic hindered ester oil incorporating a carefully selected and balanced combination of additives to improve thermal and oxidation stability and metal passivation
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  • Developed essentially to meet the requirements of Pratt & Whitney 521 Type 11 and MIL-L-23699 specifications and is entirely suitable for most civil and military engines requiring this class of lubricant.
  • Approved for use in a wide range of turbine engines as well as the majority of accessories
  • Contains a synthetic ester oil and should not be used in contact with incompatible seal materials and it also affects some paints and plastics



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