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Mobil Unirex EP2 Grease 15.87Kg (35Lb) Pail

Mobil Unirex EP2 Grease 15.87Kg (35Lb) Pail
UNIREX EP1 and EP2 are premium quality greases formulated with an advanced lithium complex soap thickener and leading edge polymer enrichment technology.
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  • Exceptional water tolerance, allowing moderate water absorption with only minor changes in penetration. Even after prolonged churning with water, Unirex EP greases retain their consistency, adhesion and rust inhibiting properties. 
  • High dropping point allows their use at higher temperatures than possible with greases made using other soap types.
  • Wide operating and dispensing temperature range.
  • Provide superior protection against rust and metal corrosion.
  • Contain additives combining extreme pressure resistance and wear protection under severe shock loading conditions.
  • Good mechanical and thermal stability, features which can significantly extend greasing interval requirement

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