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Bonderite L-GP 580 BO Multi-Purpose Lubricant 0.85Kg Can *MSRR3001 (was Acheson)

Bonderite L-GP 580 BO Multi-Purpose Lubricant 0.85Kg Can *MSRR3001 (was Acheson)

Bonderite L-GP580 (formerly known as Acheson Dag) is a colloidal dispersion of specially processed micro-graphite in ethyl alcohol. It is used for the formation of dry lubricating films and electrically conducting coatings. It is also employed as an anti-seize material on screw threads

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Typical Applications

  • Dry Film Lubrication
    The product is particularly suitable for operation under high loads at normal temperatures, e.g. machines for cigarette manufacture and food handling where no traces of any unpleasant odour can be tolerated; office machines, vending machines, parking meters
  • Electrically Conducting Coatings
    Applications include plastic cable treatment; prevention of corona discharge in electrical equipment; electrostatic screening particularly of plastic surfaces; as an electrode in radiation meters and counters; in industrial and radio valves on grids and anodes
  • Screw Thread Treatment
    Normally the product is applied by means of a soft brush after dilution to a suitable consistency. The advantage of the product is the rapid evaporation of the volatile carrier liquid. It is essential that the surfaces to be coated should first be cleaned and degreased
  • Other Applications
    Impregnation of porous materials and incorporation into resins and plastics

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